The invisible surface slider is a unique product that comes with a minimalistic appearance. These sliding doors can be a great addition to stores and showrooms. Homeowners can also take advantage of such options to create a perception of a larger space. These invisible sliders integrate seamlessly with all types of interior design without disrupting the ongoing theme.

Product Specifications

  • Unique Design The minimalistic style of this slider sets it apart from other sliding doors available in the market. The innovative design adds a modern charm to the space while elevating the original door design to the next level.
  • No Rails or Tracks The sliders can be installed without the rails or tracks that often damage the exterior of the wall. You only see the frames for the invisible sliders that are safely installed by experts, ensuring minimal interruption to the interior designs.
  • Effortless Closing The smooth movement of the invisible surface sliders allows them to open and close softly. Experts have designed it for effortless closing. Even small children can easily slide it open and shut it.
  • Easy to Assemble The assembling process is relatively simple, thanks to the new support jig. The minimalistic design also comes with the least amount of parts, making it easier for the technician to install it quickly within an hour.
  • Safe and Secure The secure and practical features of these sliders prevent any potential error while installing them. Also, they are significantly safe for all users. The soft closing and opening ensure that no one is hurt while using the sliders.

    Invest in these unique invisible surface sliders and make an impression on your guests!

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