These innovative cavity sliders allow you to create a seamless opening of the corner-meeting system in your room. These are stylish and practical frameless glass cavity sliders. Whether you want to connect your living room and balcony, your bedroom and ensuite, or your kitchen and patio, corner cavity sliding doors can help you achieve your desired design with minimal effort and maximum effect.

The CS Cavity Sliders are designed to fit standard wall thicknesses and door sizes and can be installed with ease by any competent DIYer or professional. The cavity slider consists of two frames inserted into a wall cavity and two doors sliding smoothly and quietly along the concealed tracks. You can lock these cavity sliders in place with a simple latch mechanism or leave them open for a more open and airy feel.

Cavity Slider Specifications

  • Space Saving
    Cavity Sliders eliminate the previously-existed, hinged doors that take up valuable floor space and create awkward angles in your room with closed space. By sliding the two doors into the wall cavity, you can maximise the use of enclosed space and create a more functional and flexible layout. You can ask for extra high units for your two cavity sliders if required.
  • Style-enhancing
    Corner-meeting cavity sliders add a touch of sophistication and modernity to your home. By creating a seamless corner opening, you can enhance your room’s visual appeal and flow and enjoy the views and natural light from both sides. You can also match the corner-meeting cavity sliders to your existing style, theme, and cornermeeting detail or create a contrast for a more dramatic effect.
  • High-quality Material
    These cavity sliders are made with premium materials. The reliable and durable cavity sliders make it perfect for any kind of space, even for high-traffic areas. You can get the timber-framed cavity sliders as the lead door options for your studio apartment, pseudo bedroom, or workplace.
  • Easy-to-install
    Corner Cavity Sliders are easy to install and operate. The frames and doors come pre-assembled and ready to fit into the wall cavity or your apartment corner meeting. The tracks and rollers are concealed and require minimal maintenance. The CS cavity sliders can be opened and closed with a gentle push or pull and locked securely with a simple latch.

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